Accel-RF’s latest white paper, “Assessing the Parameters that Influence Reliability in GaN-Based Solid-State Power Amplifier Architectures”, is now available for download!

Paper Abstract:

Accel-RF Instruments President, Roland Shaw, addresses the significant parameters that affect the reliability assessment of solid state power amplifiers utilizing GaN HEMT semiconductors.  This tradeoff study contrasts three architectures of SSPA designs to demonstrate how a chosen topology may affect the mean time to failure of the resulting amplifier module.  The example details the decision process for a multi-stage GaN HEMT Ka-band frequency SSPA utilizing the following topologies:

  1. Septum binary combiner
  2. Waveguide radial combiner
  3. Parallel-plate combiner

These architectures are viable candidates for Ka-band SSPA designs due to the low-loss combining techniques used in the implementation of the balanced output stage.