The RF Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Station (AARTS) systems are designed to stress devices with RF, DC, and thermal stimulus. The systems were designed from their inception to include RF stimulus – it was not added as an after-thought. Hence, the software and hardware are fully integrated and provide full-featured support. Each Device Under Test (DUT) has independent control of all three stimulus parameters. Since the computer measures all input and output power, and knows the surface temperature of the DUT, it can calculate the surface-to-channel temperature differential (either from a constant Θjc, or from a polynomial equation fitting ΔT to total power dissipation and device surface temperature).


  • Up to 16 channels in a 2-bay rack
  • High-frequency performance of fixtures that support a variety of standard RF package types (custom design are also available)
  • Individual control of each DUTs temperature allows software control of channel temperature without requiring constant power dissipation
  • Innovative fixture design that supports Millimeter-Wave operation
  • High RF power capability (up to 20W per channel)
  • Range of DC power designs (60W to 400W)


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